Honga provides fun for all
November 11, 2019


By Amy Phelps

A new game from HABA offers fun for the entire family with "Honga."

This worker-placement game follows cavemen attempting to be the best leader for their village by collecting food, trading with other groups, working with mammoths and traveling up a stone hill, all the while trying to keep the pet sabertooth tiger Honga occupied so he doesn't make a mess. This involves placing disks showing hands where players want to go on the board, all the while making sure one hand at all times is on Honga. There is no reading, only pictures, so this can be played by a variety of ages as long as they are able to keep track of what they are doing and what each section of the board does.

I played this game with my husband, and though its supposed to be a game to played with kids, we really loved it and have played it several times since. There are different ways players can collect points to prove they are the best leader, so while it is competitive it doesn't feel overly so, and the mechanic of Honga is funny, leading us to call it, "I'm gonna scratch the kitty." Because cavemen would definitely have a giant kitty as a pet!

I would recommend this for probably ages 8 and up, as they would be able to get the strategy, and this is one adults will actually have fun with!

You can find the game at your Friendly Local Neighborhood Game Store or online.

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