Snail Sprint fun racing game
October 15, 2019


Sometimes it can be hard to find games that the whole family can enjoy, even preschool-aged children. And playing a board game together as a family is something that is cheap and a good bonding activity.

HABA Games aims to help in this search with their selection of popular kids' games that range in age from 5 and up.

One such game is Snail Sprint, created by Wilfried and Marie Fort. It makes use of the magnetic tin the game comes in and some cute wooden snail pieces to create an easy racing game that kids will love. Players will take turns rolling a pair of dice, one for the color of snail to move and one for the color to move the snail to on the board. and move the snails along the path, up the side of the tin, and back over it to the board to race toward a finish line. Each player has a card with snails they want to place first second and third, and the amount of points they get if that happens. So it may be that players will be wanting to move the same snail to achieve their points, which helps make it feel less about one person "winning." If someone lands on another snail, they can stick on top of each other, and the bottom snail cannot move until the top one moves.

There is no reading involved in this game, so as long as your child knows their colors (or this may be a fun game to use to help learn!) and you don't think will try to eat the dice or the snail, you can probably play with younger children. And the little colorful snails are very cute.

Snail Sprint retails for $28.99. It is for ages 5 to 99, plays with 2-4 players, with a game length of 15 minutes. You can buy it at your friendly local neighborhood game store or online. You can visit HABA's website,, to learn more about this and their other games.

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