Books for summer reading
May 23, 2019


There's two series that are sure to bring some laughs to middle-grade readers this summer.

First is the new "Magic on the Map" series, that kicks off with "Let's Mooove!" and continues in "The Show Must Go On" by Courtney Sheinmel and Bianca Turetsky with illustrations by Stevie Lewis.

In "Let's Mooove!" Twins Finn and Molly Parker are in for an adventure when they find a camper in their driveway. But it's no ordinary camper - it talks!

The two are transported to a cattle ranch in Colorado and then the camper disappears. What will they do and how will they get back? The book transports the twins and readers to Colorado where they learn a lot about the state and have fun too.

In "The Show Must Go On"?the camper transports the twins to New York City. When the two get there, they meet a child star, Hallie Hampton, who is doing a scavenger hunt and needs some help. But "help" soon turns into the twins doing all of the work. What will the two do? With lots of facts about New York and plenty of sights to see, the twins and readers are in for some fun.

"Let's Mooove!" and "The Show Must Go On" are published by Random House. They are $5.99 each and for ages 7-10.

The "Welcome to Wonderland" series adds a new paperback edition and a brand new hardback to its series with "Sandapalooza Shake-Up" and "Beach Battle Blowout" by New York Times bestselling author Chris Grabenstein.

In "Sandapalooza Shake-Up" P.T. and Gloria have a lot going on. Now only is St. Pete's Beach holding the first ever Sandapalooza and the Conch Reef Resort is trying to win the sand sculpture contest, The Wonderland has opened a new restaurant, The Banana Shack, and it's been a struggle. When a royal guest's tiara goes missing, P.T. and Gloria are determined to find the thief and put things to right, even while trying to keep everything going smoothly for the Wonderland.

In "Beach Battle Blowout" P.T. and Gloria are determined to prove the Wonderland is the most fun spot on the beach. Who are the secret judges who are choosing the winner? What are the best attractions to have at your site? That's what the two are determined to do so they can show they are the best outright!

With a fun vacation-centric setting and plenty of laughs, both books will attract young readers.

"Sandapalooza Shake-Up" and "Beach Battle Blowout" are published by Random House. "Sandapalooza" is $7.99 now in paperback and "Beach Battle" is $13.99 in hardback. They are for ages 8-12.


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