‘Time Breaker’ quick family game
March 7, 2019


From Looney Labs comes a new family game that is a quick play that will have everyone racing against each other and time.

For 2-5 players ages 8 and up, this 10-40 minute play-time game has everyone assuming the role of a Chrono-Cop, jumping in between time periods, to catch the Chrono-Criminal and bring him to justice to Time Repair HQ. Players all choose colored pawns and place at HQ, with each of the 5x5 grid tiles representing places in time. The Chrono-Criminal is represented by the clear cube and is placed on the farthest corner grid tile. Players will then take turns moving either their pawn by using the time gates on tiles, or using cards to move horizontally or vertically. Players can also choose to move the Chrono-Criminal, moving it closer to themselves or farther away from opponents. There are even some cards that allow you to move your opponent back to HQ. The winner is the player who successfully captures the Chrono-Criminal by landing on the same tile as it, and then getting it back to the HQ square with them.

The tricky part of manuevering the pawns is having to travel using the path the gates take you - which can be all over the place, and knowing when to instead strategically move yourself or the criminal with the cards.

This was a quick game to learn and to play. It is entirely possible to win within a few turns, all depending on the cards you have and the moves you make. The first time I played, I won within 3 turns. The second time my husband and I played, we took a bit longer, but it was still under a 20-minute play time. Serious board game players will enjoy the lighthearted fun, and it would be a nice filler game. Kids and adults can have fun playing as not a lot of reading is involved and it can be played more competitive or not, depending on everyone's strategy.

"Time Breaker" is $25 and available online or at board game stores.


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