Local store offers fun for students
January 22, 2019


Jason McCrady, owner of J&M Used Bookstore and The Industry Game Center, has decided to take his love of games to the schools.

He has been visiting classrooms in Wood County Schools to teach a new game to get kids interacting with each other and their teacher.

"Games are important," McCrady said. "Its good for them to have fun interacting with each other, and when the teachers play too, it strengthens the bond with the teacher, it helps them see the teacher is actually a person."

He said that board games increase critical thinking and problem solving, as well as taking turns and sharing. Games that are cooperative are good as well, because "everyone wins together," he said.

Some of the games he recommends for elementary-aged kids include Double Shutter, Goblet Gobbers, First Orchard, Lift It Deluxe, Dr. Eureka, Pengloo, Animal Upon Animal, Spot It, Kaboom, Dr. Microbe, Catan Jr., Tsuro, Onitama and Cobeez. Tsuro and Onitama have limited reading in the games. Older kids may enjoy the cooperative game Pandemic.

His 30-50 minute classroom game days have been right now been elementary classes, but he has seen some interest in middle school and high school as well. He said he can also do PTO evenings as well.

The game days are free, he just requests that teachers hand out a flier about the store.

Teachers who are interested in the program can contact him at 304-422-8733.


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