New lullaby music for kids
January 19, 2015


There's several new music selections out now for kids. It'd be great to have in the car or during late nights when the baby can't sleep!

Edie Carey and Sarah Sample, "Til the Morning: Lullabies and Songs of Comfort" - Award winning singer-songwriter moms have collected a mix of orginal and well-loved lullabies in this lovely album.

Darryl Tookes and Joe Beck, "Precious Child - Love Songs and Lullabies" - Grammy nominated guitarist/composer Beck with vocalist Tookes music come together in a sweet album that use recognizable songs to personally written ones.

Suz Slezak, "Watching the Nighttime Come" - Fiddler and vocalist Slezak releases her debut solo album that was conceived as a nocturnal serenade for kids and parents alike! With a collection of folk music and new offerings, this brings a playful touch to the genre.


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