In a Heartbeat
February 4, 2014


Parents' Choice Gold and Silver award-winner Laura Doherty releases her third kids' CD, "In a Heartbeat" with featured guest artist Glenn Kotche from Wilco.

Doherty's folk-pop roots are shown in acoustic instrumentation in many of the songs, and there's several jazz and swing style songs, including "Jazzasaurus" and "Paper Moon" and a bluesy "Electric Guitar." Kotche appears on "Drum Kit" which takes children through the sounds a drum kit makes.

In a press release Doherty says about the album "It feels very good to release this album in time for Valentine's Day. The holiday traditionally focuses on couples, but I wanted to offer something for parents to share with their kids. 'In a Heartbeat' is filled with heartfelt songs for families to enjoy together."

"In a Heartbeat" will be available online at, and iTunes. It is $15.


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